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Best Posture Bra Of 2020

1. Leonisa Posture Bra

The Leonisa Posture Bra is a multi-faceted bra that helps those in need of more support than their regular old bra. Based on it’s design, the “X” design on the back helps provide remarkable back support and helps maintain good posture throughout the day while you wear your bra. The cups are double layered to provide a beautiful bust shape. The cups are well designed to help prevent any bra buldges. It’s wireless under bust bad is perfect for those who love to exercise as it provides support during high performance activities. Essentially this bra helps reduce the weight of your bust on your shoulders.

One possible con about this bra is that it does not provide much cleavage if that is what you are looking for. It runs pretty well in regards to size so try to order your exact size as your normal bra size. They also are quite durable and do not stretch as much as other bras on the market.

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2. Redu Shaper Shirt

The Redu Shaper

The Redu Shaper is more a fitness tool than a posture bra but because of it being a posture bra at heart – it made our list. This bra is made out of high-tech Neo-Power material which is meant to increase body temperature when in contact with your body which helps you sweat more. However, it’s outer layer is super absorbent, so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside. The scientific design and compression help you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy and love handles leading to a more molded figure and visually trim weight. This bra can help with weight loss more than any other bra. It is perfect for those who love to exercise, and even for those with normal daily routines.

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3. Delimara Bra

Delimara Bra

The Delimara Posture Bra is a posture bra that provides superior back support and postural alignment. The bra is made out of  94%Polyamide,6%Spandex which helps give it enough flexibility but sturdy enough support to alleve that pressure from your shoulders and back. This bra also comes with an X-shaped back reinforcement . In regards to it’s features: the bra is wire-free, and comes with non-padded soft cups and the contour of the bra is high and wide for excellent coverage.

This bra would be great with under wires, and maybe an extra layer of fabric in the cups. I love underwires, front hooks, wide soft backs and wide, no slip straps. These features are hard to find. As a baby boomer of a certain age I need all the support, shaping and coverage I can get. This bra is ideal to control your posture,keeping you straight and glamorous. The powerful fabric and wide and ergonomic straps give the perfect fit and support. This bra can be worn for several different occasions such as daily use, exercise, maternity/breastfeeding or even after breast surgery.  Some say that this bra actually looks better than any Victoria’s Secret bra under clothes.

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4. Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bra

Exquiste Poture Bra

The Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bra  is made out of 100% Nylon and as a long line bra it comes with a powernet to straighten shoulders and support back. 

What makes the bra so comfortable is that you don’t feel like your bust is dead weight hanging around your neck like a pair of gym shoes tied together with shoelaces. The weight of the bust is lifted up and supported by the boning in the torso of the bra, instead of hanging from your shoulders. And the back of the bra covers your whole back, so there are no fat rolls bulging out around the bra band. And there is no bra band to feel like it is ‘hitching up,’ making you want to go hide at work behind a row of file cabinets so you can tug it back into place. At the end of the day, your back and shoulders feel just as good as they did in the morning when you got dressed because you haven’t been supporting that dead weight with your shoulders all day long.

I used to always wear a camisole under my tops, even t-shirts, to help smooth out bulges and rolls created by my bra. I don’t need to do that now, because this bra smooths everything out all on its own.

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5. AKStore


A couple reasons why this posture bra ranks lower on our list of women posture bras. A couple of tid bit from our insiders: To begin, the color is a slightly darker than the nude like color you see in the picture. In addition, important to ntoe that the fit i exact.  The difference in posture can be noticed IMMEDIATELY after putting it on! However, many have complained of some discomfort after prolonged wearing. While there are others just like this that are more expensive, we think that it might be worth investing a few bucks more than to have constant discomfort.

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What Is A Posture Bra?

A posture bra is quite different than a regular brace. These posture bra are in fact designed to offer increased support for women who have large OR small breasts. How does it work you ask? They effectively reduce the stress that is placed on the shoulders by dissipating it equally across your shoulders, neck and back. The straps of the posture bra help relieve the tension placed on your back and reduce pulling on one’s shoulders. Those who wear posture bras find it much easier to maintain a proper posture and alignment of their spine as opposed to those who do not. Each bra comes in different sizes, designs, and models to fit your body size and shape.

Who Needs A Posture Bra?

There are many reasons as to why one would wear a posture bra. One of the many reasons are as following:

  1. Ladies with Large Breasts- It comes to no surprise as those with large breasts will benefit the most with a posture bra. The weight of large breasts can be easily distributed evenly to help those that are dealing with excessive pain or stress.
  2. Poor Posture –Folks with poor posture already can be immediately impacted by wearing a posture bra or posture corrector. As you can see, a posture corrector works similarly to a posture bra.
  3. Chronic Pain Sufferers- Those who suffer from chronic debilitating pain can also be helped by a posture bra. It’s hard enough to deal with chronic pain but to have back pain on top of it is a double whammy.
  4. Continuous Sitters – Those who sit and work for long hours, a posture bra or brace would work perfectly. In fact, it i recommended that these people have some sort of lumbar support.
  5. Migraine Sufferers – Did you know that those who suffer from tension headaches such as a migraine, cluster headaches – can benefit tremendously from a posture bra? The reason is because pain is all connected. Affecting the back will translate to pain elsewhere.

How To Choose The Right Posture Bra

Bra shopping quite complex so let’s take a stab at it shall we?

  1. Determining The Size of Your Breasts– Believe it or not as many as 70% of women have an incorrect bra size. Why you ask? Most do not know their correct bra size! Without measuring your proper breast size, you can not have an accurate or well fitting bra. So let’s get this problem fixed and get started on how we actually measure a bra size.
  2. What measurements do I need? These are the 5 main measurements you should obtain.
    1. Snug under-bust – Measure the region right below your breasts while standing and being relaxed.
    2. Tight under-bust- Do the same as above however this time tighten the measuring tape as much as you can.
    3. Standing bust- Do a simple bust measurement standing.
    4. Leaning over in 90 degrees-  Lean down so your breasts drop down and take the measurements.
    5. Laying down bust-  Lay on your back while measuring your bust. Afterwards use the results in bra size calculator to determine your true bra size.
  3. Your Breast Shape– While it’s true that getting your breast size is important BUT so is your breast shape. Breast shapes vary from either being in 2 simple categories – Pointy or shallow breasts.
  4. Fullness of breasts– For determining fullness do the following: Bend down 90 degrees and explore the breast tissue position in relation to your nipples. If more breast tissue is above or below your nipples you can tell weather you are more full on the top or at the bottom of your breasts.


How long can I wear a Posture Bra for?

This is a common question that we are asked so we figured we’d lay this one to rest. You might have heard that wearing a brace for too long can actually cause more harm than good, which is true. Anything in excess can be a bad thing and posture bras are no different. It is OK to wear them on a daily basis just like you would wear a regular bra or a sport bra however we advise to take them out at night. I know, I know – who wears a bra at night anymore? Well, if you do – we suggests to take off the posture bra at night just so you do not actually cause more harm than good. Wearing it all day, 24 hours, can weaken your muscles as you are not “training” them to strengthen themselves on their own.