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How Furniture Affects Our Posture

How Furniture Affects Our PostureWhile it is true that the Alexander Technique is principally concerned with improving the way we use ourselves by eradicating detrimental habits that affect our posture, I personally think it is also of great benefit to find out how and why many of these habits originated, so that we can avoid the same […]

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Guide To Back Pain: How To Deal With It And More!

What are the main causes of back pain? There are many reasons why people develop back pain. It is important to remember that back pain is a complaint and not a precise diagnosis so the challenge is to identify the specific cause of your back pain. Most conditions are diagnosed with MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), […]

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Sitting Is The New Cancer

Sitting Is The New CancerI’s been said that “sugar is to the teeth what sitting is to the spine.” It’s true. Sad, but true. One of the main things that happens when we sit, is our postural muscles throughout our back begin to shut down.When that happens the weight of our upper body goes directly […]

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